Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hearing aids does Zounds Hearing offer?

Zounds offers four models:


All Zounds hearing aids feature our groundbreaking technology in the areas of noise reduction, feedback cancellation and improved speech inteligability. For a list of features, please refer to the product descriptions under Hearing Aids.

Who fits and programs Zounds hearing aids?

All Zounds hearing aids are fit and programmed by licensed Audiologists and/or Hearing Instrument Specialists.

How much do Zounds hearing aids cost?

Zounds hearing aids range in price by product. Please call your local Zounds Hearing Center
for further details. You can find the nearest center at our Zounds Hearing Center page.

How are Zounds hearing aids so reasonably priced?

Because of Zounds revolutionary feedback cancellation and fitting tip options, we eliminate the need for costly, custom made hearing aids and pass the savings on to you. We also design, manufacture and sell our hearing systems at manufacturer direct pricing, through corporate and franchise hearing centers.

Where can I find a Zounds Hearing Center?

To find any of our Zounds Hearing Center locations, click here


How can I learn about Zounds technology?

Please visit our The Zounds Difference page.

How can I hear a side by side Sound Demonstration?

You can listen to the Zounds Difference at our Sound Demo page.

Do you offer monthly financing?

Yes. For information relating to monthly financing plans, please contact your local Zounds Hearing Center for details.

Do you offer a protection plan for your hearing aids?

Yes. Zounds offers a comprehensive 3-year plan.

Do you charge for a hearing exam?

No. Even if you decide not to buy our hearing aids after your exam, there is no cost to you.

Do you charge if I need a follow-up visit?

No. We value our customers and believe that the relationship continues as long as you own your aids.

Are your hearing aids covered by insurance?

Hearing aids are not typically covered by health insurance plans. Please consult your health care provider for more information. You can use your FSA and HSA accounts to pay for hearing aids.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Warranty varies by product family.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Zounds offers a 30-day money back guarantee (some states require a longer trial period).

How often do I need to change the fitting tips?

It depends on the individual. Once you see the fitting tip is soiled, remove it and replace it with a new tip. It might be useful to gauge the integrity of your fitting tip on occasion.

I lost my User Manual, where can I get another?

Contact your local Zounds hearing center for replacement manuals.

Who conducts the hearing tests and diagnostics?

All exams and fittings are managed by Zounds Hearing Consultants who are state licensed Audiologists and/or Hearing Instrument Specialists.

Can I buy one hearing aid?

Yes. Your Zounds Hearing Consultant will assist you in determining if you are a candidate for 1 or 2 hearing aids.

It should be noted that there are benefits to wearing two hearing aids. Whether from a friend during a conversation or the symphony of sounds heard during a nature walk, all sounds are meant to be heard with both ears (binaural). Just like our eyes see the world stereoscopically, our ears hear the same way.

Eighty percent (80%) of current owners wear two hearing aids and it is estimated that ninety-five percent (95%) of those with a hearing loss may need a binaural fitting.

Key Reasons for Wearing Two Hearing Aids

  • Wearing only one hearing aid actually makes it more difficult to understand speech in noisy environments.
  • One hearing aid creates difficulty in determining the true direction from which sounds originate.
  • Fatigue and strain may result in the ear that exclusively uses the hearing aid.


How long will the Imprezo Clareza or Potenz rechargeable battery charge last?

Zounds’ Imprezo, Clareza and Potenz hearing aids and remote control use a rechargeable battery that last up to 20 hours for the Imprezo, 16 hours for the Clareza and 18 hours for the Potenz.

How long will I need to charge my Clareza or Potenz hearing aids and remote control?

Zounds hearing aids and remote control should be charged up to 8 hours. Simply place the devices in the charging station each night and wake up to fully charged devices.

How often should I have a hearing exam?

It is recommended that people have a hearing exam every 10 years up to age 50. Anyone 50 and older should have a hearing exam every 3 years.

What are the main types of hearing loss?

The two main types of hearing loss are Sensorineural and Conductive. You can learn more by visiting our About Hearing Loss page.

Do you sell replacement products?

Yes. Zounds sells a host of replacement products and accessories. Please visit our Shopping Cart.

How do I determine if I have a hearing loss?

A list of questions to ask yourself can be found on our About Hearing Loss page.

Are hearing aids difficult to get used to?

Whether you have never worn hearing aids before or are simply switching from other hearing aids, there will be a slight adjustment period as your brain learns how to process new sounds. Be patient with yourself.