“The capabilities of Zounds hearing aids are better than I ever thought possible. After seeing all the problems that my father had with his hearing aids, I was hesitant to take a chance on any product. I am thrilled that Zounds is the brand I chose. I am extremely impressed with the Zounds sound quality, technology, and even the service at the store is top notch.”
– Robert C., Florida

“I cannot tell anybody what the experience really has been with my Zounds hearing instruments. My best description is “like a light bulb coming on for the first time”. There is really that much difference in them. I cannot get over what I have heard just in one week of wearing these great hearing aids. Everyone should have this experience by having Zounds. It has changed my life!”
– Phyllis, S., Texas

“I have had hearing aids before, and they all ended up going into my dresser drawer. The feature I like about Zounds, is that it has a rechargeable battery. No more battery replacements. The remote is handy in different environments. I am very pleased.”
– Sargon A., Kentucky

“A friend at my retirement community kept recommending Zounds and now I know why. I have finally found a hearing aid that always works for me. I wear my Zounds hearing aid constantly and the fact that it is so easily recharged is such an added bonus. Best of all, with Zounds, I no longer feel isolated. In the past, I had been left out of conversations with family and friends because I couldn’t always hear what was being said. With Zounds, I am back in the middle of everything.”
– Martin B., Pennsylvania

“Zounds has brought the joy of hearing back into my life. To be able to hear many of the little things people take for granted, like the sound of the wind blowing or falling raindrops, is a wonderful experience. On top of that, their customer service is highly courteous and knowledgeable.“
-Raymond O., Arizona

“I had three previous hearing aids and became convinced that none of them would ever perform at a high level. This all changed when I tried Zounds. I no longer have to look at someone when they talk because I can hear everything. Besides the sound quality, all the added features are simply unbelievable. I actually made my brother get his own pair and he’s now a Zounds fan too.”
– Marshall S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I waited far too long to get help for my hearing loss, but when I heard about the new Zounds technology with rechargeable batteries and the fantastic remote control with multiple volume and environment settings, I scheduled my free hearing test. I was amazed at what I was missing. Now I can hear and participate in conversations around the dinner table, and understand everything my grandchildren say to me. Zounds has opened up a whole new world of hearing for me.”
– Lowell P., New Jersey

“With the new (Zounds) hearing aids I am able to use them while playing an instrument in a band and also with conducting a band. Unlike other hearing aids the sound is much more natural and normal as well. Overall I am hearing better and hearing sounds not heard before such as the turn signal clicking in my car. I am quite satisfied in the improvement in my hearing with the Zounds hearing aids.”
– Sam R., Indiana

“I have been wearing Zounds Hearing Aids for the past two years and it has opened a whole new life of hearing for me. Zounds has brought back hearing into my life! I no longer have to guess what people are saying, but I now can join in family conversations, hear distinctly the talks in our Church services, and the TV no longer has to be so loud as to make others uncomfortable. Thank you Zounds!”
-Carolyn P., Utah

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Zounds. Their product is the most innovative hearing aid out there! Having aids that come with a personal remote control and that are rechargeable is a blessing. All we have to do is put them in the base to charge overnight and they are ready to go by the morning, so it’s easy to use. Zounds is just a wonderful company that really understands its customers.”
– Beverly G., Florida