Hearing Loss Prevention

While hearing loss may be inevitable, whether it be due to illness or age, there are still steps that all individuals should take in their daily lives to help prevent hearing loss.

Depending on the situation or environment, three easy questions to ask yourself are:

  1. How loud will this environment be?
  2. How long will I be exposed to the noise?
  3. How close to the noise will I be?

You should always be aware of potentially noisy environments. It may be wise to consider avoiding these situations outright or at least taking the right precautions. Whether it be going to a concert, working with power tools, motorized vehicles such as a car, motorcycle, snowmobile, you should always be prepared to use some form of protection like earplugs or earmuffs.

If you are able, try to take control of the environment you are in as much as possible. If you are able to control the volume while listening to music or stand in a more desirable location at a concert, these are good tips as once noise damaged has occurred, it is irreversible.

Aside from noise exposure, there are other factors to consider in preventing hearing loss.

Never under any circumstances should you stick a foreign object into your ear. If it is ear wax you’re concerned with, understand that your body produces this naturally and will eventually dispose of it naturally. If you have a foreign object in your ear, consult your physician.

If you have been prescribed a new medicine by your doctor, ask your doctor and/or pharmacist if the new medicine has any known adverse effects to hearing.

When traveling by air, you should frequently yawn and swallow as the plane is descending. If you have a respiratory cold/infection, it may be wise to take a decongestant several hours before your flight.

When blowing your nose, do it gently. Too much force may cause damage.

For further information on hearing loss prevention, please consult your closest Zounds Hearing Consultant or physician.