Signs of Hearing Loss

For most of us, hearing loss is a gradual process, occurring over years.  Because of this, we are accustomed to compensating for the loss, and often do not realize how bad our hearing loss has become.   If you have experienced some of the following, you may have a hearing loss – do any of these statements describe you?

Social Interaction

  • I have difficulty hearing people talk in noisy environments such as a restaurant, shopping mall, in a car, or at the movie theater.
  • People seem to “mumble” all the time.
  • Family, friends, or colleagues often have to repeat themselves when speaking with me.
  • I have trouble hearing people when they are not facing me or are in another room.
  • I have trouble following conversations.

Emotional Impact

  • I feel annoyed when people are hard to understand.
  • I feel overwhelmed by large, noisy gatherings of family or friends.
  • I would rather stay home alone than be with others in a noisy setting.
  • I have trouble connecting with family members, especially children, because I cannot understand them.
  • I am fearful of new social situations.

Medical Indications

  • I hear ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds in my ears.
  • I have difficulty hearing certain sounds
  • I take, or have taken, medication that can damage my hearing (ototoxic drugs).
  • I have a family history of hearing loss.