products-remote-controlRemote Control

Even though all Zounds hearing aids automatically adjust to your listening environment, each Imprezo, Clareza and Potenz Hearing System comes with a remote control for greater management of your listening experience – control is at your fingertips!

The following adjustments are available on the remote control:

VOLUME – Adjusts the volume up or down.

BASS – Adjusts the bass (low frequencies) up or down.

TREBLE – Adjusts the treble (high frequencies) up or down.

PARTY PRESET – Provides high noise cancellation and aggressive directionality to address very difficult listening environments such as a cocktail party or sporting event. This enhanced setting allows you to understand those speaking in front of you, while not being overpowered by the noises behind you.

DINING PRESET – Heading out to dinner and not sure how loud the restaurant might be? Don’t worry. By pressing the DINING button on your Zounds remote control, you are enhancing the algorithms to minimize background noise and formatting your directional microphones for optimal use in those loud restaurant settings.

MUSIC PRESET – You can now enjoy a night at the symphony or a relaxing interlude listening to your favorite music with the enhanced feature from our MUSIC button. The MUSIC button optimizes the full frequency spectrum so you can enjoy a rich, musical experience.

QUIET PRESET – Sometimes the only thing you want to hear is the sound of silence. Our QUIET button provides maximum noise management. This enables you to enjoy a quiet environment, regardless of what may be going on around you.

RESET – If at any point, you feel you may have incorrectly adjusted your hearing aids with your remote control, you can always press the RESET button. The RESET button reverts your Zounds hearing aids to the original programmed setting made by your Zounds Hearing Professional.

CLEARSPEAK™ – Included with the Imprezo model, Zounds’ newest innovation offers spoke confirmation of remote commands to switch between Party, Music, Dining, and optional TCoil modes.  In addition, low battery notifications are also provided with a spoken notification, so that there is no ambiguity. Male and female notifications are available as choices with an adjustable sound level.