products-riazoRiazo’s digital technology, engineered to provide longer battery life, gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy everyday life.  Four adjustable channels tune the listening experience to your individual needs. The pricing is entry level, but the superior, digital technology found in the Riazo is anything but basic.

This easy to use hearing aid includes Intuitive Noise CancellationTM, Dynamic  Feedback Cancellation, Shock Sound Suppression and Dual Microphones, which aid the EnviroSenzeTM features.  As with all Zounds hearing aids, the Riazo covers up to 8000Hz, providing the wearer with the full spectrum of speech sounds.   The Riazo is programmed using Zounds’ proprietary fitting software for the best performance possible.

No more adjusting tiny dials and no more worries. Get a digital hearing aid that’s custom programmed just for you!

Fitting Range:  Moderate hearing loss.


Product Features

Noise Cancellation™

Riazo’s Noise Cancellation™ utilizes a matched pair of microphones to form a directional noise reduction system that reduces the ambient noise is by up to 90%.  This forms a focused cone of listening towards the front of the patient.  Enjoy conversations again – even in a noisy environment!


Dynamic Feedback Cancellation

Put feedback on hold with Zounds’ dynamic feedback cancellation technology. Using a digital filter, the Riazo can predict and eliminate feedback.


Shock Sound Suppression

Riazo wearers benefit from a Shock Sound Suppression system that minimizes the transient impact of short sharp sounds like car doors being closed.


EnviroSenze Plus™

The Riazo features a superior ability to determine and adapt the auditory environment.  Ambient sound pressure level is monitored and used to adjust the aid’s noise cancellation technology when in a noisy environment.