The Zounds Difference

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The Zounds Difference is what you experience when you become a Zounds Hearing customer. It begins with us understanding the frustration you have with your hearing loss. Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson, the father of a hearing impaired daughter. After witnessing her frustration with her under-performing hearing aids, Sam made it his mission to properly engineer a hearing aid that works.  The result is a line of technically superior products that will change your life.

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All Zounds hearing aids are engineered with breakthroughs in advanced audio technology, made possible by our 57 exclusive patents.

Every Zounds hearing aid boasts exclusive features that make our hearing aids unrivaled in sound quality and clarity:


At the core, each Zounds hearing aid is specifically programmed to match your own unique hearing loss.

Current Hearing Aids
Current Hearing Aids
Other hearing aids may not perform above 5000 Hertz (light grey area in chart above). 5000 to 8000 Hertz is where high frequency sounds and important consonants for understanding speech are found, such as the “t”, “ch” and “s” sounds.

The Zounds Difference
The Zounds Difference
Zounds hearing aids cover the full frequency spectrum, up to 8000 Hertz. As a result, Zounds hearing aids provide rich, high fidelity sound for better speech intelligibility, including the difficult to hear higher frequency speech sounds such as “t”, “ch” and “s”. It’s like having a studio quality graphic equalizer in each ear.

Intuitive Noise CancellationTM

Among the host of amazing features, Zounds hearing aids’ Intuitive Noise CancellationTM never ceases to amaze people.

Current Hearing Aids
Intuitive Noise - Current Hearing Aids
Background human noise or “babble” noise is a common problem in social settings. The chatter from others at a restaurant or party may overpower the voices or conversations taking place in front of you.

The Zounds Difference 
Intuitive Hearing - Zounds Difference
Zounds hearing aids utilizing the Intuitive Noise CancellationTM cancel the background noise and enable multiple directional microphones to form a “Cone of Listening”. The directional microphones continually scan your environment and focus on what is in front of you, increasing your ability to understand speech in noisy environments.

Dynamic Feedback Cancellation

One of the revolutionary features found in Zounds hearing aids is the Dynamic Feedback Cancellation. No more telecoils.

Current Hearing Aids
Dynamic Feedback - Current Hearing Aid
Feedback is the result of sounds leaking from the hearing aid speaker, often reflecting from an object like a phone, and going back into the microphone, which then becomes amplified to the point where it cannot be amplified any more. A loud, painful squeal or whistle is the result. It’s the same issue found in an auditorium when a microphone is placed too close to a speaker.

Many hearing aids on the market today use a mechanical approach when addressing feedback. A tight, oversized hearing aid shell is produced in an attempt to form a tight seal between the hard hearing aid shell and the soft ear canal walls. The result may be an uncomfortable fit and despite the effort, feedback may still occur.

The Zounds Difference 
Dynamic Feedback - The Zounds Difference
Zounds hearing aids utilize an electronic solution when dealing with feedback. Zounds hearing aids’ sophisticated Dynamic Feedback Cancellation identifies the amplified sound leaking around the hearing aid and electronically eliminates most of it before it can squeal.

Shock Sound SuppressionTM

With Zounds, loud, painful sounds are a thing of the past.

Current Hearing Aids
Shock Suppression - Current Hearing Aids
Many of today’s hearing aids simply amplify any and all sounds within our listening environment, not amplifying the specific sounds you need while limiting those you do not. The result is all too often, a painful sensation where sounds you do not want to hear are amplified well beyond your comfort level. As referenced in the image above, the white sound waves have exceeded into the orange area, which represents the uncomfortable spectrum of our hearing. Think of a loud door slamming shut. A poorly programmed hearing aid will pick up this already loud sound and amplify it without knowing that it’s a sound that should not have been amplified in the first place.

The Zounds Difference
Shock Suppression - The Zounds Difference
The Shock Sound SuppressionTM technology found in each Zounds hearing aid is constantly listening for such fast, drastic and loud sounds found within your listening environment. When identified, your Zounds hearing aid will suppress or lower the sound to a comfortable level. As referenced in the above image,Shock Sound SuppressionTM identifies an aggressive sound and suppresses it, keeping the white sound waves within the dark gray area, which represents our comfortable spectrum of hearing.


Zounds hearing aids are smart. They know what kind of environment you are in.

Current Hearing Aids 
EnviroSenzePlus - Current Hearing Aid
Many hearing aids found on the market today are simply programmed, with basic amplification as their main call to action. These hearing aids lack the ability to work with you not only in challenging listening environments, but are not sophisticated enough to adjust accordingly as you move from one room to the next.

The Zounds Difference
EnviroSenzePlus - The Zounds Difference
Zounds hearing aids feature EnviroSenzePlusTM, an added feature to the already multi-featured offerings. EnviroSenzePlusTM technology is constantly telling your hearing aids to scan your environment. When in a given environment with many different types of sounds, EnviroSenzePlusTM constantly adjusts amplification and noise cancellation levels to offer you the best hearing experience possible, room to room, all day long.

In addition to these amazing features, each model hosts its own unique additional features. For a comprehensive list and description, please refer to the model type: