Zounds Hearing Celebrates a Partnership of Giving with the Lion’s Club Sight and Hearing Foundation

$500,000 Donation of Zounds Hearing Aids Benefits Many in Need

Zounds Hearing and the Lion’s Sight and Hearing Foundation have teamed up to provide hearing aids to those who cannot afford them. Zounds Hearing’s donation of over $500,000 in new hearing aids to the Lions has assisted the foundation in furthering their work through their “Lend Us Your Ear” program.
A little over a year ago, the Lion’s Sight and Hearing Foundation Board contacted Sam Thomasson, Founder and CEO of Zounds Hearing, to request a meeting. The Sight and Hearing Foundation takes in donations of used hearing aids, cleaning and refurbishing them before distributing them to the needy. Members of the Foundation, who were also Zounds Hearing Aids wearers, had come up with the idea of requesting a donation of new hearing aids from Zounds Hearing.

“We were faced with a major dilemma, we were just about out of reconditioned hearing aids and did not have a source for new hearing aids” states Lion Club Member Al Boeck. “Our only source to that point had been previously owned donated hearing aids. We had a very limited supply and the demand for hearing aids had significantly increased.” From this initial meeting, a partnership of giving was formed. Zounds Hearing agreed to donate a new hearing aid for every aid purchased by a Lion’s Club member, or friend of a Lion, as part of the Lion’s “Lend Us Your Ear” program. Members simply identify themselves to the store at the time of purchase and Zounds donates a new hearing aid to the foundation as part of their corporate giving program. To date, the company has donated over $500,000 in new hearing aids to the foundation.

Hearing professionals in the corporate stores and franchise stores also donate their time to provide free hearing tests and fit the recipients. The experience has proved to be very rewarding for Zounds’ staff. “The folks that I have had the privilege to help have not only been extremely grateful, but also very impressed with the sound quality of their new hearing aids,” stated Jeff Brown, Manager of Zounds’ Mesa Store. “I enjoy seeing them smiling as they walk out of the Hearing Center, happy that a great burden has been lifted.”

For Jung H. Moon, Manager of the Sun City franchise location, one experience stands out. “I’ve always felt great about being partnered with the Lion’s Hearing & Sight Foundation, but there was one case in particular that was truly memorable. Her name was Madeline and she was an 18 year old girl. When she first came into our office with her mother and brother, she looked very nervous and apprehensive. But when she heard her mother’s words for the first time, after I had put the hearing aids on her, a smile came across her face and her eyes lit up. It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of that experience and I was very proud to be with a company that made that possible for someone who otherwise might not be able to get the help she needed.”

Sam Thomasson, President and Founder of Zounds Hearing, knows that improved hearing can change someone’s life. An electrical engineer, he founded Zounds Hearing using new technology he developed for his own daughter, who has a severe hearing impairment. “I have seen how this technology has greatly benefited my daughter and it is wonderful to be able to give this gift to others as well,” said Thomasson. “The Lion’s Sight and Hearing Foundation is the perfect conduit to achieve our corporate giving goals. We have expertise in producing superior hearing aids and they have expertise in getting them into the hands of those who desperately need them, but cannot afford them.” To quote Al Boeck, “It is a perfect match.”

To make a donation to the Lions’ “Lend Us Your Ear” program, visit their website at http://www.lions-sight-and-hearing-foundation.org/. Zounds locations in Arizona and around the country can be found at https://www.zoundshearing.com/corp/zounds-hearing-center-locator/.

About Zounds Hearing: One of the fastest growing hearing aid companies in the United States, Zounds Hearing designs, manufactures, and retails through franchise hearing centers high-performance hearing aids for use with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing impairments. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company’s technology enables breakthroughs in product, performance, selection and value. Zounds utilizes internally developed research and 58 exclusive patents. For more information on obtaining a Zounds Hearing franchise, visit http://www.zoundsfranchising.com/. For more information on Zounds Hearing, please visit http://www.ZoundsHearing.com.


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