Privacy Policy

Zounds respects the privacy of our visitors to this website. Zounds does not collect Personal Information unless this information is knowingly and voluntarily submitted. Personal Information includes name, home address, phone number, email address and miscellaneous marketing information.

Under no circumstances does Zounds sell, rent or trade Personal Information with any third party companies. The collection of Personal Information is done on a voluntary basis by the user and is used by Zounds for the needs of the user and internal business purposes. Use by Zounds of this information includes miscellaneous marketing efforts, opt-in e-newsletters, requests for contact, the improvement of the web site and promotional purposes. In the case of our “Refer A Friend/Colleague” section, Zounds reserves the right to contact those submitted individuals on your behalf.

Zounds utilizes technology to track non-personal information about web site visitors. This technology is designed to provide Zounds with statistics involving web site traffic. This information allows Zounds to make informed decisions involving the web site build and flow.

Our mobile apps do not collect any personally identifiable information about the app user such as name, address, phone number, email address or geographic location.

The privacy practices described herein do not apply to third party sites. For information on their data collection policies, Zounds suggests you contact these third party sites directly.